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If you prefer contacts, we can assist you in finding the type you like that is most effective for your needs.


Need answers to your specific eyecare health now? Email us and we will gladly answer your questions, or schedule a time for you to visit.

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Healthy vision is a life-long pursuit.


Proper vision care should begin in children as young 6 months old, and continues throughout a person’s life. At Reed Family Vision Center, we can help you and your family see well at any age.


Eyesight is important for children, especially as they begin school.


Many learning problems are actually vision problems. We can help your child get an excellent start on their education by performing a vision screen and recommending solutions if needed.


As an adult, your vision is paramount in helping you in your career.


You cannot afford to miss anything because of poor vision. We offer exam and screening services, corrective lenses and contacts, to keep you on your path to success.


New vision problems surface as patients age.


Concerns about cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and dry eye are real and should be taken seriously. We can help you combat the effects of aging and have the best vision possible throughout your life.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam is more than just looking at your eyes; it must include a look at the big picture. Knowing your health/medical history is imperative to treat any potential ocular related issues. Your eyes are then screened...



Vision Correction

After your exam, a vision correction plan may be implemented. This plan may include glasses, contacts or both. We have a wide variety of styles for your lenses and frames and can keep you looking and feeling great. We even...



Extra Care Eye Exams

There are a variety of diseases that can contribute to issues with ocular health. We specialize in treating your needs while keeping these issues in mind. We are prepared to treat you whether you are suffering from issues like...



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